• Consultant, work as advisor, chair, lay partner and representative -

    Lived experience as patient, carer, and care-coordinator -

    Interests: health system resilience, digital health engagement,

    Recognizing diversity premium and respecting invisible deficits -

    Strategic input where health sector and technology intersect -

    Person-centred/technology-enabled - people's lives improved.


    Axolotl Associates

    Managing Partner 2013 - Present

    Primarily healthcare sector advisory and advocacy services on both paid and pro bono basis UK and EU. Portfolio below:

    IDG Member 2020 – Present

    Improving and Uniting Delivery Group

    UK National Health Data Science Institute

    + Co-chair, PPIE and Phenomics Virtual Group

    + COVID-19 Research PPIE Advisory Group

    Oversight Group Member 2020 – Present

    Public Dialogue on Data for Public Benefit

    Assess public attitudes on use and dissemination of healthcare data to researchers and scientists in public and private companies

    Public Representative 2019 - Present

    National Data Collaborative for Health and Social Care

    + Data + IG Working Groups

    Lay Expert, PIP Expert Panel 2020 – Present

    Lay Lead, Technology Appraisal Committee 2018 – Present

    Lay Member, Equality Task and Finish Group 2020 - Present

    Lay Member, Stakeholder Insight Group 2019 – Present

    College of Experts,NIHR COVID-19call 2020 - Present

    Health Technology Assessment HTA 2018 - Present

    Public Member, Prioritisation Panel (Hospital Based Care)

    Public Reviewer, Central Commissioning Facility 2017 - Present

    Improvement Leader Fellow CLAHRC 2017 - 2018

    Patient Co-Chair, Advisory Committee 2019 - Present

    (Free text within the Primary Care Database), UCL-Institute of Health Informatics/Vision

    Public Board Member 2018 – Current

    AHPs into Action Transforming health, care, and well-being framework

    Kensington and Chelsea Public Governor 2017 - Present

    Council of Governors + Nominations and Remuneration com


    Member, 2018 - Present

    Willingly giving patient data to help others, knowing that effective safeguards to maintain the confidentiality and anonymity of their data are applied consistently, transparently and rigorously.

    Innovative Medicines Initiative

    Expert Member, Pool of Experts 2019 - Present

    World's biggest public-private partnership in the life sciences

    EIT Health - European Institute for Innovation and Technology

    Expert Evaluator 2020

    Appointed Expert Evaluator in July for Campus Call

    European Patient Expert 2018 – Present

    Scientific Advice Procedure Panels

    EPAR Document Reviewer

    Central London Healthcare CIC

    Patient and Stakeholder Group 2020 - Present


    Lay Member

    Kensington and Chelsea Committee Member 2019 - Present

    West London Branch, Healthwatch 2017 - 2020

    Chair, Patient Participation Group PPG 2013 - Present

    Belgrave Medical Centre, Westminster

    Participant/Facilitator/Speaker 2017 - Present

    Training: Systems Leadership, Diversity and Inclusion, Digital Leadership, Capitol People, Artificial Intelligence, Effective Lay Partner

    Patient Group Consultative Forum 2018 - Present

    Patient Engagement Strategy Reference Group 2020 - Present

    Patient and Public Advisory Group 2018 – Present

    O- First Responder

    UCL Partners

    Involvement Leads Network 2017 - Present


    Interviewer, NHS Innovation Accelerator NIA Fellowship 2018 -19

    University College London Hospital NHS Trust

    Panelist 2017 - Present

    Neuroscience Lay Panel, UCLH - BRC

    Patient and Public Panel, UCLH

    Lay Representative 2017 - 2020

    Value Added Quality Council

    Patient Experience Coordinating Committee

    Lay Member

    Digital Patient Reference Group 2017 - Present

    Medical Curriculum Review Group 2018 - Present

    Strategic Lay Forum Member 2016 – 2020

    JDR Champion 2017 - 2020

    LEARN to help people Join Dementia Research

    Dementia Friends Champion, Alzheimers Society


    Royal College of Physicians

    Patient and Carer Network PCN 2017 – 2020

    Patient Involvement Unit,

    Network of volunteers who support and shape the work of the RCP.


    Zoological Society of London + FZS

    Vice President, Trustee and Council Member 2003 – 2013

    Also Finance + Remuneration + Strategy committees

    Royal Institution of Great Britain + FRI

    Trustee and Council Member 2005 – 2011

    Also Audit (Chair) + Nomination committees

    Royal United Services Institute + FRUSI

    Trustee and Council Member 2007 – 2010

    Also Executive + Finance committees

    Consultant + FAC + FRSA + FLS

    Independent Policy Advisor 1998 - 2013

    European/American security and conservation policy

    [Also Partner at DA Ventures]

    French Armed Forces (Reserve) + FRGS

    Military Liaison Officer 1980 – 1998

    Attachments/secondments on five continents

    [including period NY Investment Bank]

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    Health Policy

    Change Management

    Strategic Planning


    Financial Analysis


    Patient/Public Perspectives

    Technology Uptake


    UK Training Fellow 2019 - 2021

    Blended education on Medicines Development

    Activities: Including two week-long periods in Madrid

    Lay Fellow + Council Member 2018 - Present

    Medicine and Society Council

    Fellow 2017 - 2018

    Improvement Leader Fellowship

    Activities: Applied Improvement science, Collaborative Learning Events

    PGC (Distinction) European American Security 1996 - 1998

    Activities: Schloss Hofen, Österreich, Chateau de Klingenthal, Alsace

    PhD programme Psychology 1994 - 1998.

    "Decision-making under stress in conditions of risk and uncertainty". Thesis not submitted after TBI, also Teaching Assistant/Demonstrator

    President: Birkbeck Students Union BCL, Dep-President: University of London Union ULU, Board Member: London Nightline

    BSc (Hons) Psychology 1991 - 1994

    Evening degree, also WPF Diploma in Counselling
    Activities: Birkbeck College Governor + London University Senator

    PGCE course Business Studies 1988 - 1989

    Teaching A level Economics and Business Studies

    Activities: Diversity and equality groups

    MA course War Studies 1985 - 1987

    Dissertation: "Warfare as driver of technology", also p/t MLO

    Activities: Instructor, college sub-aqua club

    BSc (Econ) (Hons) Accounting and Financial Management 1981 - 1983

    On scholarship, also p/t service as MLO

    Activities: Oxford University Officers Training Corps

    Diploma (Legal Studies) 

    First Assas (Paris II) then via correspondence Panthéon (Paris I).

    Activities: Scuba-diving club, also paralegal for Ashurst Morris Crisp on IBM's EC Antitrust Case Rebuttal 1981



    John Norton Esq

    Lay Partner at North West London Lay Partner Group

    Richard who I have now worked with long enough to appreciate his talents brings enormous value to any activity which is fortunate enough to have his input. He is already involved with a considerable number of important health oriented institutions and groups. I know that anybody who is looking for a person dedicated to the interests of the individual patient would be wise to have Richard by their side.

    Vice Admiral Sir Jeremy Blackham

    Consultant to Airbus Helicopters and Airbus UK

    I worked with Richard as a fellow Trustee at the RUSI for several years. I found him to be an excellent colleague, with very good judgement and insight as well as deep knowledge of the financial and governance issues involved in trusteeship. He is very clear and articulate and is prepared to take on difficult issues with both courage and common sense. I enjoyed working with him and respected and trusted him totally.

    Dr Simone Botti

    CEO at Metabomed Ltd

    While working with Richard on a project for the RI, I was exposed to his depth of knowledge and experience in an exceptionally broad range of disciplines, and to his selfless commitment to issues and projects that he championed. Since then I have been looking for other opportunities to work with Richard again.

    Stephen Kingsley Esq

    Partner at Keystone Law

    I have known and worked with for some eight years. Richard was a valued member of the Council of the Chelsea Society, where his deep and varied knowledge was greatly appreciated.

    Dr Gwynneth Flower

    Past: Hon Treasurer, Royal Institution, Chair, National Meteorological Programme

    I have known Richard for more than 10 years and have always held him in high regard. He is an astute and very capable business manager with wide ranging contacts and equivalent experience. He works well in every situation in which I have observed and can get on well with all types of people. His commercial experience is extensive and I value his views and contributions to business development.

    Dr Martin Cooke

    Head of Corporate Engagement at World Animal Protection

    I have worked closely with Richard on ZSL Council and in the Finance and General Purposes Committee. Richard is insightful and determined, a source of clear and well reasoned advice.

    Dr Marc Fehlmann

    Director at Basel Historical Museum

    Richard is an extremely astute financial adviser and highly committed to funding the arts. We were most impressed with his ability to draw together his connections from his various networks to achieve at the highest level. Richard is also a highly cultivated and most charming patron and individual.



    +1 202 630 9442





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